Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center

Postgraduate School in Economics 2009-2010

In 2009-2010 academic year BEROC held the Postgraduate School in Economics for Belarusian scholars.

The curriculum consisted of seven week modules in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics and research methods with lectures and workshops.

Total of 136 students took part in this cycle and only 5 of them successfully passed all exams and got the certificates.


Module 1 "Introduction to Econometrics"
November 24-28, 2009
Lecturer: Professor Ivan Shaliastovich, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Module 2 "Applied Econometrics"
December 22-26, 2009
Lecturer: Professor Aliaksandr Amialchuk, University of Toledo

Module 3 "Microeconomics-1"
February 8-12,  2010
Lecturer: Mykhaylo Salnykov (PhD), BEROC/KSE

Module 4 "Microeconomics-2"
March 1-5, 2010
Lecturer: Pavlo Prokopovich (PhD), KSE

Module 5 "Macroeconomics 1"
May 3-7, 2010
Lecturer: Katerina Lisenkova (PhD), University of Strathclyde, Fraser of Allander Institute

Module 6 "Macroeconomics-2"
May 17-21, 2010
Lecturer: Dmitry Boreiko, Bolzano Free University

Module 7 "Labour Economics"
August 2-6, 2010
Lecturer: Alina Verashchagina, Siena University.