Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center


BEROC organizes modern economic educational program for Belarusian BA, MA and PhD students, professors and policy makers. By now more than 30 events were conducted: Annual International Economic Conference, Post-Graduate School in Economics, Student School on Modern Economics and Economic Research, open lectures, Workshop Series for the National Bank Experts, Program for Journalists and other events.

14 august 2019

Open Lecture with Elena Loutskina

On August 14, BEROC and FTh Accelerator of Belgazprombank arranged the Open Lecture with Elena Loutskina, Professor of business administration at the Darden Business School (University of Virginia, USA), which was held as part of the Fintech & banking meetup. In the course of the lecture Elena Loutskina made presentation about P2P lending in the USA.

5 august 2019

Postgraduate School in Economics 2019

The Fifth Postgraduate School in Economics was held in Minsk in March – July 2019. Classes were held at the Belarusian State University.

18 july 2019

Open Lecture with Maribel Guerrero

BEROC arranged the open lecture with Prof. Maribel Guerrero "Corporate entrepreneurship and higher education organisations" on August 1, 2019.

5 july 2019

Open Lecture with Yuri Tserlukevich

BEROC arranged the Open Lecture with Yuri Tserlukevich, Associate Professor at the Arizona State University on July 10.

11 june 2019

Open Lecture with Chantal Mouffe

On June 11, 2019, Chantal Mouffe, Professor at the University of Westminster, delivered the open lecture "The Affects of Democracy"

27 march 2019

KEF School 2019

KEF School of Economics 2019 is over! The final class was organized in Minsk, were students of regional universities presented their projects. Students were awarded certificates of successful graduation from the School.

19 march 2019

Open Lecture with Maksym Obrizan

BEROC organized the open lecture of Maksym Obrizan (Associate Professor, Kyiv School of Economics) "Is there a transition gap in self-rated health of adolescents?" on March 26.

11 march 2019

Open Lecture with Kyeong H. Lee

BEROC held the open lecture of Dr. Kyeong H. Lee "Product Durability, Cost Pass-Through, and Corporate Policies" on March 21.

28 february 2019

Workshop with Alexander Okunev "Innovations in the management of SOEs of Ukraine: supervisory boards, independent directors"

On February 26, 2019, BEROC with the IPM Business School organized a workshop on Innovations in the management of SOEs of Ukraine: supervisory boards, independent directors”, which was held at DoubleTree by Hillton.

11 february 2019

Open Lecture with Darya Paun

BEROC organised the open lecture with Darya Paun "How to Make a Perfect Pitch of Your Start-up to Investors"

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