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Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance 2018

Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance took place in Minsk on December, 22. The Conferencewas held by BEROC Economic Research Center.

“The main goal of the Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance was to help the most talented students and young researches in their professional development. We invited the researchers born in Belarus to take part in competition to be presenters on the Conference, no matter where they study. We want young scientists with Western education to stay connected with their native country. Even if they have jobs abroad they can visit Belarus with lectures for students and with consulting for economic authorities”, stated Kateryna Bornukova, BEROC Academic Director.

Themaincriterion to pass the selection procedures wastheuseof modern methods of research. Also young scientistsshould have been abletopresenttheirpapersin English because knowledge of this language is crucial for integration of a researcher into international academic community.

“We were aware that students who study in Belarus are in worse position than students from Western Universities. The main reason is that Belarusian economic science doesn’t use mathematized methods of research which became the main instruments in the international economic science. Therefore Belarusian students have fewer possibilities to study these methods; they have fewer resources and less support frommoreexperienced colleagues. If they want to know something they need to educate themselves. So we selected those people who showed initiative and used modern methods and standards of research», said Kateryna Bornukova.
BEROC experts were pleasantly surprised with the level of the papers that were provided by young scientists. As a result several papers of young scientists from Belarus were selected for presentation on the Conference. Their research ishelpful to understand economic processes in Belarus. Alexander Novopoltsev from Belarusian State University presented research “Using Microdata on Companies to Monitor Financial Stability”. The paper “Is There a Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Transmission in Belarus” was presented by Anatoli Kharytonchyk and Victoria Utesheva from National Bank of Belarus.
The conference showed that monetary topics are popular among young scientists. Aliaksandr Zaretski from Emory University (USA) presented his research “Banking Crises, Sovereign Default and Macroprudential Policy” and Daria Minina from Tinbergen Institute (Netherlands) made a presentation “Inflation Expectation Formation: Laboratory Experiment in High and Low Inflation Environment”. Daria Minina’s research was based on topical in the world but almost unknown in Belarus method of economic experiment. Monetary issues were also mentioned in a research “Implications of Mobile Money for Savings and Consumption Smoothing inDeveloping Countries” provided by Kristina Manysheva from Northwestern University (USA).
Young scientists from Western universities also showed interest in such topical theme as interconnections between public sector, economics and corporate sector. Slavek Roller from Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany) presented his paper “The Anatomy of Medical Research: Public Owners behind Private Firms”. Hanna Charankevich from University of Virginia (USA) resented her research “Does Community Monitoring Increase the Effectiveness of Public Procurement” based on Russian data. Also, Marina Tulyakova from University of Trento (Italy) presented results of research “A Dynamic Model for Optimal Covenants in Loan Contracts”.
“We were pleasantly surprised by the level of research and especially by the fact that young researchers presented not only classical but also the most progressive methods of research. Also we were glad that participants were involved in discussion. We organized the Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance on the next day after the VIII International Conference in Economics and Finance. We wanted prominent researchers from topuniversities to review the papers of young scientists. We are sure that this discussion will help young scientists to achieve even better professional results”, Kateryna Bornukova said.
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