Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center

Economics Research Competition, Fall 2012

The competition is held by the Economics Education and Research Consortium. Its goal is to support policy-relevant research projects under five priority areas (see Thematic focus below). Research proposals can be submitted either by individuals or small teams of CIS researchers. Grants are in the amount of up to $12,000 and are typically provided for up to 18 months of work. Young researchers and researchers from the regions may be offered smaller-scale development grants (up to $2,000) and training opportunities in the framework of EERC Research Development Program.

During the grant period, research outputs are peer-reviewed by thematic expert panels, which include reputable scholars – members of the EERC International Advisory Board (IAB) and active researchers from the CIS and abroad. Research supervision is provided at EERC semi-annual research workshops and through consultations with program staff and resource persons. The final output of each project shall be a working paper/article and a policy brief. The best research findings will be published in the EERC working papers series.

Proposals selected for the final review stage of the competition will be presented in Kyiv at the December 2012 research workshop (tentatively planned for December 17-19); interim and final reports on funded projects will be presented in June 2013 and December 2013, respectively.

Thematic focus

New original project proposals are invited in the following five thematic priority areas:

A. Enterprises and product markets: regional tax policies and inter-regional competition and investment; relocation of industry and growth; industrial organization, market structure, competition and trade; corporate governance.
B. Labor markets and social policy: household consumption and saving; labor supply and employment, labor mobility and migration; income and wealth distribution; education and human capital, health and fertility; pension reform.
C. Macro, financial markets and open economy macro: macroeconomic management and economic growth, international finance and capital markets, balance of payments and exchange rate dynamics.
D. Public economics: taxes, tariffs, economic regulation and protection; tax collection, corruption and rent-seeking behavior; fiscal federalism.
E. International trade and regional integration: trade policy in relations with CIS and other countries, customs unions, tariffs and quotas; technological exchanges, international competition and cooperation; protectionism and long-term development strategy for the

More details and application form can be found at

Deadline: October 12, 2012.

Contact person: Irina Sobetskaya