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The chapter by Hanna Aginskaya was published in Technology Entrepreneurship

The chapter Defining Academic Spinoffs and Entrepreneurial University by Maksim Belitski and Hanna Aginskaya was published in the book Technology Entrepreneurship.


The traditional vision of the university as a teaching institution still prevails in many countries. Typical of this vision is the high-risk aversion to knowledge commercialization due to lack of institutional support and market knowledge. Therefore, university scholars and seem more interested in publishing and graduates are more interested in secured life-time employability instead of commercialising their research and ideas on the market which does not contribute to technology transfer (TT) process and economic growth.

This chapter aims at providing insights into the important success factors of creation of academic spin-offs and entrepreneurial university, by carrying out a systemic review of eclectic literature on knowledge commercialization a technology transfer. It reveals that technology transfer offices (TTOs), centres for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education as important success factors for academics spin-offs and knowledge commercialisation. Practical implications for entrepreneurship university and other stakeholders and discussed.

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