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8 april 2013 Kateryna Bornukova

Belarusian Economy In March: Warming Up

Amidst the snowy spring of 2013, the National Bank of Belarus finally gave up on its attempts to keep macroeconomic stability, and turned its attention to the real sector.

5 april 2013

Analysis: Belarus tones down - but sticks to pre-crisis policies

Shortly after emerging from a crisis that wiped out its foreign currency reserves and forced a 65 percent rouble devaluation, Belarus appears to be sticking with some of the policies that caused it - but with more caution. Dmitry Kruk's comments to Reuters.

27 march 2013

FREE Policy Brief: Directed Lending: Is It An Efficient Tool to Modernize the Economy?

Economy Recuperates But Slower Than Forecasted

While economic growth seems to be recuperating in January and February, it remains below the wishful forecasts of the government. At the same time, the situation with current account balance continues to be the pressing matter, as the government is looking for the money both to repay the debts and to finance its modernization projects.

6 march 2013

BEROC Congratulates The Second Student School Alumni 2013

In January 2013 BEROC in cooperation with the British Embassy in Minsk organized The Second Student School on Modern Economics and Economic Research.

18 february 2013 Kiryl Haiduk

Modernization Traps For Belarus

This article is a part of a new joint project between Belarus Digest and Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Centre (BEROC).

10 january 2013

Online Competition on CEE Competitiveness for Students

As citizens and organizations living and acting in Central and Eastern Europe, we are all facing the question in the global economy. At the moment, CEE companies rely heavily on cost leadership or on local control as large diversified, resource-based conglomerates. However, both strategies can be easily beaten by Western companies with higher productivity, Asian emerging countries with lower labor and energy cost and by international specialized companies.

27 december 2012

Belarus Economy in 2012: Low Growth and Fragile Stability

The currency crisis of 2011 has revealed the limits of the Belarusian economic model. On the one hand, it became obvious even to the most conservative government officials that changes in economic policy are required. On the other hand, the resurgence of oil exports in the first half of 2012 allowed the government to avoid necessary reforms. The economy finishes this year with a low output growth rate, but fragile macroeconomic stability is achieved.

19 december 2012

The Third Annual International Economics Conference

On December 18, 2012 BEROC held the Third Annual International Economics Conference in Minsk. The main goal of the Conference was to integrate Belarusian economic community into the global academic environment.

11 december 2012

”Inflation expectations and probable trap for macro stabilization” is a Recommended Paper of the Month by GDN

Policy Brief "Inflation expectations and probable trap for macro stabilization" written by Dmitry Kruk became a Recommended Paper of the Month by Global Development Network

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