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One of the main BEROC goals is generating and spreading of new academic and policy knowledge on problems, tendencies and development of Belarusian economy. Academic and policy research aimed at the development of strategy encouraging economic growth and quality improvement of economic policy in Belarus.

FREE Policy Brief: Supporting Measures for Belarusian SMEs: the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

7 may 2020 Anastasia Luzgina

New challenges and features of the financial sector functioning in the conditions of pandemic

The policy paper considers the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund and analyses the measures that central banks take to support and enhance the quality of financial institutions work with economic entities, including customers, that are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

7 may 2020 Alena Tsiulya

High education: distribution of admission scores

The paper considers demanding qualifications among applicants, distributions and dynamics of admission scores.

Measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Belarus in the context of the pandemic and global recession

The policy paper discusses the role and behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises in the period of crises and recessions. The main purpose is to overview and evaluate possible short- and medium-term measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Belarus based on international experience.

20 april 2020 Anastasia Luzgina

FREE Policy Brief: Money as an Economic Category and Its Relationship With Crypto Assets

16 april 2020 Nadzeya Batava, Irina Tochitskaya

Sharing Economy: a soap bubble or a new type of economy?

The paper examines the sharing economy and looks at the economic, environmental and social factors behind its emergence and evolution, as well as legal and regulatory challenges.

10 april 2020 Dzmitry Kruk

Economic Growth in Belarus: Identification of Barriers and Choice of Priorities

The article is devoted to the analysis of economic growth in Belarus. It shows that the steady rate of economic growth in Belarus has noticeably weakened in recent years, which was due to accelerated capital accumulation.

Demography as a Challenge for Economic Growth

Population ageing and declined in birth rates are among the major challenges to Belarusian economic development. The labor force is projected to decline, and the Social Protection Fund would run into deficits. To make the pension system sustainable, we need to switch to a partially funded pension system.

10 april 2020 Dzmitry Kruk

Stabilization in Monetary Sphere: Limiter of Growth or Necessary Condition?

This article analyzes present-day realities of the monetary environment in Belarus. The author describes the state of monetary policy in Belarus, reasons and consequences of such state, as well as probable strengthening of monetary policy orientation towards smoothing the output fluctuations.

10 april 2020 Radzivon Marozau

Entrepreneurial Activities as a Determinant of Economic Development

The impact of entrepreneurial activity on economic growth is not unconditional. At the same time, it is impossible to explain how technology or knowledge can determine total factor productivity without taking into account the role of entrepreneurial activity in innovation. The article examines the relationship between different types of entrepreneurial activity and economic development, as well as factors that determine the role of entrepreneurship in the economy.

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