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The Forum for Research on Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies (FREE) is a joint initiative by SITE (Stockholm), BEROC (Minsk), BICEPS (Riga), CEFIR (Moscow), CenEA (Szczecin), ISET (Tblisi) and KEI (Kiev). Together, these research institutes form an extensive network of leading academic experts on economic issues in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The institutes also conduct research about development, emerging markets, as well as economics in general.

The FREE Policy Brief Series is designed to provide short and informative analyses on current economic policy challenges. The focus will be on Eastern Europe and emerging markets. The writings will be based on academic research papers or policy work by the researchers at the different institutes and updated on a weekly basis. The ambition is to bridge the gap between ongoing academic research and policy making, to stimulate and contribute to the international debate as well as to intensify the interaction and discussion with other researchers, policy-makers, and business representatives across the world.

The web-site of the Forum

The Russian translation available in the section FREE on the web-site of CEFIR (Moscow).

FREE Policy Brief: Women Entrepreneurs in Belarus: Characteristics, Barriers and Drivers

FREE Policy Brief: Political Responsibility for Economic Crises

FREE Policy Brief: Financial Stress and Economic Contraction in Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: Avoiding Corruption and Tax Evasion in Belarus’ Construction Sector

FREE Policy Brief: Fiscal Redistribution in Belarus: What Works and What Doesn’t?

FREE Policy Brief: Monetary Policy Puzzle in the Presence of a Negative TFP Shock and Unstable Expectations

 Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan, Hinnerk Gnutzmann

FREE Policy Brief: Trade Preferences Removal – The Case of Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: The Anatomy of Recession in Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: Spatial Wage Inequality in Belarus

 Aleksandr Vashchilko

FREE Policy Brief: Effects of Trade Wars on Belarus

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