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The Forum for Research on Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies (FREE) is a joint initiative by SITE (Stockholm), BEROC (Minsk), BICEPS (Riga), CEFIR (Moscow), CenEA (Szczecin), ISET (Tblisi) and KEI (Kiev). Together, these research institutes form an extensive network of leading academic experts on economic issues in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The institutes also conduct research about development, emerging markets, as well as economics in general.

The FREE Policy Brief Series is designed to provide short and informative analyses on current economic policy challenges. The focus will be on Eastern Europe and emerging markets. The writings will be based on academic research papers or policy work by the researchers at the different institutes and updated on a weekly basis. The ambition is to bridge the gap between ongoing academic research and policy making, to stimulate and contribute to the international debate as well as to intensify the interaction and discussion with other researchers, policy-makers, and business representatives across the world.

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FREE Policy Bried: The Role of Belarusian Private Sector

The development of a private sector and the expansion of its role in the economy is one of the key goals repeatedly announced by the Belarusian authorities. The reforms carried out in Belarus in 2006-2014 moved the country from 106th to 57th position in the World Bank Doing Business ranking. The official statement is that reforms boosted the rapid development of business initiatives and its impact on economic development. Unfortunately, there is no clear confirmation of this statement. The absence of a transparent and clear methodology in Belarusian statistics on how to evaluate the role of the private sector makes it difficult to evaluate the exact input of the Belarusian business in the economy and compare its role to other countries.

FREE Policy Bried: Local Self-Governance in the Republic of Belarus

This policy brief summarizes the results of our research on the development of local self-governance in the Republic of Belarus. The aim of this study was to analyze the existing system of local selfgovernance in the Republic of Belarus and to suggest directions for its improvement. The results show that the development of local self-governance should be directed to the reduction of concentration of the administrative-territorial division, real empowerment of local Councils of Deputies, improvement of the mechanism of alignment and balancing of local budgets, as well as the development of a financial base of local financial management and intergovernmental relations.

FREE Policy Brief: Does Gender Matter for the Innovativeness of SMEs?

 Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Piotr Spiewanowski

FREE Policy Brief: Did the Fertilizer Cartel Cause the Food Crisis?

FREE Policy Brief: Stimulating Growth in Belarus: Selecting the Right Priorities

FREE Policy Brief: Liquidity and Monetary Policy in Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: Macroeconomic Performance and Preferences for Democracy

FREE Policy Brief: Integration Formations in the Monetary Sphere: the Possibility and the Necessity for Monetary Integration in the Post-Soviet Region

FREE Policy Brief: Decomposition of Economic Growth in Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: Can Anti-Smoking Campaigns Increase Obesity? Evidence from Belarus