Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center
 Petr Sachek, Yauheniya Shershunovich, Irina Tochitskaya

Decision-Making in Waste Management at Belarusian enterprises: Survey Results

The paper presents the survey results analysis on waste management and factors affecting the possibility of using waste to make a new products. A relation between the size of the enterprise, the amount of waste and the way it was handled has been studied. According to the survey data, large enterprises are more focused on finding ways to extract value added from waste by reusing, selling, or handing it over to recycling. Thus, when finance is available, they can become drivers of circular economy development in Belarus. It also worth to mention that awareness rising among enterprises about successful examples of implementation of circular economy projects in various sectors is especially important, because currently they do not always have enough knowledge on waste management. The paper also presents the life cycle of a cars as an example that shows the potential of circular economy and illustrates the cooperation of industry and trade in a single value chain.

JEL: C 44, C 82, C 83, E 25, L 62, P 28, Q 53

Key words: circular economy, forms of managing, waste management, large, medium and small enterprises, Belarus.

This publication targets a broad audience and is the seventh in a series of papers on circular economy in Belarus prepared under the Development Project of the Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) supported by SIDA.  

The Policy Paper is available only in Russian.