Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center

Foreign Investments: not just Attraction, but Effectiveness

When it comes to Belarusian efforts to attract foreign investments, the year 2010 looked a lot like the previous year. Foreign capital inflow kept growing at a slow pace; there were no major privatization deals, as the state is still unwilling to put up for sale large property units and is reluctantly ready to cede control only in insignificant enterprises. Nevertheless, the year 2010 was marked by the country’s successful debut on European stock markets with issuing Eurobonds, listed at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange in summer. Furthermore, important steps were made to increase the investment appeal of the country: in 2010, the government abolished licensing of many business activities and lifted the ban on sale of Belarusian joint stock companies’ shares, a move contributing to a recovery of the domestic stock market.