Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center
 Radzivon Marozau, Maribel Guerrero

Development of the entrepreneurial university (University 3.0) in Belarus: An overview of determinants and challenges

The global knowledge economy and entrepreneurial society demand innovative and entrepreneurial organisations that efficiently respond to societal challenges. In these scenarios, universities are playing a crucial role in regional and country development; especially, those universities that have transformed their capabilities and routines to become more innovative (create and disseminate knowledge) and entrepreneurial (implement new sustainable business models) organisations. In this regard, this policy paper discusses the terminologies, the determinants of the entrepreneurial and innovative university (University 3.0) evolution in Belarus. Authors highlight the crucial role of institutions (formal/informal) in the configuration of this type of university in Belarus and provide recommendations on the development of a University 3.0 as a new, private institution with a high degree of autonomy.