Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center

Labor market strategies

The aim of this article is to evaluate the strategies of labor market behavior of the Belarusian population according to a survey conducted by the BEROC and IPM Research Center and BEROC that is a part of a study of the attitude of the Belarusian population to the social protection system. Less than a quarter of respondents are satisfied with their jobs. High risks of losing work and a small number of vacancies with decent wages were defined as the most relevant problems in the sphere of employment. The most vulnerable groups of the population in the labor market are young women without any working experience with or without small children, as stated by 30,2% and 27,7% of respondents respectively. Respondents also believe that in the case of unemployment they can rely on relatives and friends, according to 53,2% of respondents, or only on themselves - according to 66% of respondents.

The Policy Paper is available only in Russian.