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Economic Crisis in Ireland in 2008-2013

This paper analyses the prerequisites, milestones and consequences of the economic crisis in Ireland in 2008-2013. Economic growth of the Celtic Tiger in 1987-2007 was accompanied by increasing wages and low credit rates, which ultimately led to the economic overheating. The debt crisis in Europe worsened Ireland’s situation and raised the scale of financial and economic crisis showed in a form of mortgage, fiscal and banking crisis as well as rising unemployment and immigration.

Macroeconomic Dynamics of Belarus in 2014: Currency Stress in the Background of Stagnation

Weak potential growth has sustained as the key challenge for Belarusian economy. In 2014, there has not been any substantial progress in this field, although the government declared a start in a preparatory stage for structural reforms. In current macroeconomic policy, the regime of exchange rate targeting has been preserved as the core element.

Role of Private Sector in Belarus: Problem of Evaluation

The development of a private sector and the expansion of its role in the economy is one of the key goals repeatedly announced by the Belarusian authorities. The reforms carried out in Belarus in 2006-2014 moved the country from 106th to 57th position in the World Bank Doing Business ranking. The official statement is that reforms boosted the rapid development of business initiatives and its impact on economic development.

Dollarization and De-dollarization: Formulation of Agenda

This policy paper deals with the phenomena of dollarization and prospects of de-dollarization policies in Belarus. During last two decades Belarus has been a highly dollarized economy. Recently, the authorities declared a campaign of de-dollarization, which, however, focuses mainly on de-dollarization of payments. Such a policy is unlikely to become effective.

 Aleh Mazol

Local self-governance in the Republic of Belarus

This paper explores the development of local self-governance in the Republic of Belarus.

Tax Amnesty

This paper explores international experience of tax amnesties.

Foreign Investments: Focusing On Debt

In 2013 inflows of foreign investments in Belarus remained almost negligible. The official attitude to privatization remained unchanged, which is why there were almost no privatization deals in Belarus in 2013. This makes foreign loans the main source of inflow of foreign capital to the country.

Belarusian Economy in 2013: An Attempt to Reload Old Growth Model

This study deals with Belarusian macroeconomic dynamics in 2013.

Portrait of a Belarusian Entrepreneur

This work studies the impact of all the three groups of factors on the development of business activities in Belarus.

 Olga Belskaya, Daria Uryutina

Belarusian Business Associations: Problems and Potential Development

The research was focused on business associations (hereinafter referred to as BA) in Belarus.

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