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7 march 2019 Kateryna Bornukova, Nataliia Leshchenko, Mikhail Matytsin

Fiscal Incidence in Ukraine: A Commitment to Equity Analysis

The paper employs the Commitment to Equity framework to present a first attempt at a comprehensive fiscal incidence analysis for Ukraine, encompassing the revenue and expenditures components of the fiscal system, including direct and indirect taxes, as well as direct, indirect, and in-kind transfers.

14 january 2019 Maryia Akulava

Effectuation Processes, Gender, Innovativeness and Performance of SMEs: case of Belarus

Entrepreneurial actions are based on certain principles and prevailing decision-making logic. Effectual and causal reasoning are considered to be among the essential tools explaining the entrepreneurial strategy and outcomes. The present research explores the link between the applied effectuation principles, gender of the leader and SMEs financial and innovative functioning.

12 november 2018 Maryia AkulavaAleh Mazol

What Forms Gender Wage Gap in Belarus?

In this paper we focus on estimating the gender difference in wages using data from the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) conducted in Belarus in 2017. The results show that the average gender wage differential amounts to 22.6%. We use quantile regressions to look at difference in returns at various earnings deciles and then the Oaxaca-Blinder and Juhn-Murphy-Pierce decomposition techniques to define the components that form the wage gap. We find that the adjusted gender pay gap is mostly formed by the difference in rewards rather than personal characteristics. The gap increases throughout the wage distribution and accelerates at the top deciles indicating presence of a strong glass ceiling effect.

11 october 2018 Hanna Aginskaya, Maksim Belitski, Radzivon Marozau

Commercializing university research in transition economies: Technology transfer offices or direct industrial funding?

There is a paucity of knowledge on research commercialization by university scientists worldwide. The objective of this paper is to identify the role that Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and direct Industrial Funding play in university research commercialization in transition economies of Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kazakhstan during 2015–2017.

25 september 2018 Kateryna BornukovaIgor Livshits

The Impact of the Russian crisis on the Belarusian economy: the trade channel

A chapter by Kateryna Bornukova and Igor Livshits titled The Impact of the Russian crisis on the Belarusian economy: the trade channel is published in a book The Russian Economy under Putin edited by Torbjörn Becker and Susanne Oxenstierna.

1 september 2018 Lev Lvovskiy, Viktar Fedaseyeu

The Value of Corporate Political Connections: Evidence from Sudden Deaths

We present new causal estimates of firm-value benefits generated by political connections. Our identification strategy uses sudden deaths of U.S. Representatives and Senators as a source of exogenous variation.

 Igor Livshits, Torbjörn Becker, Helena Schweiger, Bas B. Bakker, Tymofiy Mylovanov

The future of CIS and CEE countries

This article is based on a panel discussion on the future of transition countries 25 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. All the contributors have long professional and personal experience of various aspects of the transition process so far and provide different perspectives on what to expect for the region in the future.

 Lev Lvovskiy, Kirill Shakhnov

Political Responsibility for Diff erent Crises

In this paper, we study the impact of different types of crises such as sovereign and domestic defaults, banking crises, economic recessions on political turnover of the top politicians: heads of the state and central bank governors.

 Victor Arshavskiy, Chetan Dave, Yaw Nyarko

Market Integration and the Law of One Price in Ghana

Using a new unique dataset on the prices of perishable commodities traded across several markets, and associated transport costs, we investigate the extent of market integration in Ghana and test the law of one price.

 Aleksandr Vashchilko

Trade War and EACU

This paper looks at the effects of the trade war that followed 2014 events in Ukraine on Eurasian Customs Union (EACU).

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