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One of the main BEROC goals is generating and spreading of new academic and policy knowledge on problems, tendencies and development of Belarusian economy. Academic and policy research aimed at the development of strategy encouraging economic growth and quality improvement of economic policy in Belarus.

10 april 2020 Maryia Akulava

Innovations and Entrepreneurial Activity

The article is devoted to the importance of innovations for the economic development. The paper describes the current situation with the innovativeness of Belarusian economy and presents main weakest points compared with the neighboring and developed countries.

10 april 2020 Alexander Chubrik, Aleh Mazol

Reasons of the Interregional Disparities in Belarus and Possible Directions of Regional Policy

The article tackles certain tendencies in regional development that lead to increase in differences between Belarusian regions at the level of regions and districts, their nature and certain negative consequences, possibilities of lowering the interregional imbalances.

10 april 2020 Kateryna Bornukova, Nadezhda Godes, Evgenia Scherba

Confidence in the Economy: What Is It, How It Works And Why We Need It?

The article provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the confidence category, examines the influence of confidence in the authorities and the expectations of economic agents on economic growth, stability, and reveals the role of communication policy in building confidence.

10 april 2020 Anastasia Luzgina

Digital Transformation of the National Economy: Challenges and Development Perspectives

The author analyses the impact of the ICT sector on the Belarus’ economy, taking into account the significant of the sector in the process of digital transformation. Finally, the article reveals the main advantages of digitalization and identifies the challenges that governments face in the process of transfer economies to digital format.

10 april 2020 Dzmitry KrukAlena Tsiulya

Potential and Directions of Development of Financial Markets in Belarus

This article is devoted to the analysis of the financial sector in Belarus and its potential positive effects on economic growth. The article shows that the scope of financial intermediation in Belarus is lower in comparison to the countries of the similar income group.

23 march 2020 Gleb Shymanovich

Attitudes of the Belarusians towards the pension system

This paper presents an analysis of the main findings of a survey of the attitudes of the Belarusians towards the existing pension system and possible reforms.

Preventing a perfect storm

A perfect economic storm is approaching Belarus. A GDP decline in 2020 has become almost inevitable. In the near future, the Belarusian economy will face new serious difficulties. Competent anticipatory actions - which must be taken immediately - can mitigate the loss of output and incomes, and prevent or limit financial stress.

19 march 2020 Aleh Mazol

Labor market strategies

The aim of this article is to evaluate the strategies of labor market behavior of the Belarusian population according to a survey conducted by the BEROC and IPM Research Center and BEROC that is a part of a study of the attitude of the Belarusian population to the social protection system.

19 march 2020 Natalya Shcherbinа

How the child changes the labor market behavior of parents

Most families change their usual way of living with the birth of a child. They "maneuver" in search of a more effective distribution of childcare responsibilities, and adjust their work strategies to the needs of children.

6 march 2020

Economic Outlook - the Third and Fourth Quarters 2019

BEROC presents the Economic Outlook - the third and fourth quarters 2019.

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