Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center


One of the main BEROC goals is generating and spreading of new academic and policy knowledge on problems, tendencies and development of Belarusian economy. Academic and policy research aimed at the development of strategy encouraging economic growth and quality improvement of economic policy in Belarus.

FREE Policy Brief: Decomposition of Economic Growth in Belarus

FREE Policy Brief: Can Anti-Smoking Campaigns Increase Obesity? Evidence from Belarus

 Dzmitry Kruk, Kiryl Haiduk

The Outcome of Directed Lending in Belarus: Mitigating Recession or Dampening Long-Run Growth?

This study analyzes the effects of directed lending upon total factor productivity and GDP growth in Belarus over the period of 2000–2012.

 Dzmitry Kruk, Kiryl Haiduk

FREE Policy Brief: Directed Lending: Is It An Efficient Tool to Modernize the Economy?

Multiple Structural Breaks and Inflation Persistence in Belarus

This paper address the issue of assessing inflation persistence in Belarus using quarterly seasonally adjusted data over 1996–2011.

 Aleksandr Vashchilko

Households' Expenditure Patterns in Belarus

This study estimates the equivalence scale for Belarus, while directly accounting for household size economies of scale. For this purposes, the modication of methodology in Lancaster and Ray (1998) was used. The poverty levels for vulnerable social groups are estimated using the house holds equivalized total expenditures. In addition, the comparison of Engel curves for several expenditure categories is conducted for different years.

FREE Policy Brief: Becoming Entrepreneur in Belarus: Factors of Choice

Portrait of a Belarusian Entrepreneur

This work studies the impact of all the three groups of factors on the development of business activities in Belarus.

 Olga Belskaya, Daria Uryutina

Belarusian Business Associations: Problems and Potential Development

The research was focused on business associations (hereinafter referred to as BA) in Belarus.

Smoking and Obesity Revisited: Evidence from Belarus

Using a large nationally representative survey from Belarus, the authors estimate the effect of the number of cigarettes smoked per day on individuals’ body mass index (BMI) and on the probability of being overweight and obese.

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