Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center


One of the main BEROC goals is generating and spreading of new academic and policy knowledge on problems, tendencies and development of Belarusian economy. Academic and policy research aimed at the development of strategy encouraging economic growth and quality improvement of economic policy in Belarus.

 Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Piotr Spiewanowski

FREE Policy Brief: Did the Fertilizer Cartel Cause the Food Crisis?

 Aleh Mazol

Local self-governance in the Republic of Belarus

This paper explores the development of local self-governance in the Republic of Belarus.

FREE Policy Brief: Stimulating Growth in Belarus: Selecting the Right Priorities

Macroeconomic Performance, Individual Characteristics and Preference for Democracy

What affects individual preference for different types of political regime? Is it something individual or are there factors from outside that form preferences? This paper investigates the determinants of individual preferences for democratic values and looks at differences in impact of influencing factors in transition and non-transition countries.

Tax Amnesty

This paper explores international experience of tax amnesties.

Foreign Investments: Focusing On Debt

In 2013 inflows of foreign investments in Belarus remained almost negligible. The official attitude to privatization remained unchanged, which is why there were almost no privatization deals in Belarus in 2013. This makes foreign loans the main source of inflow of foreign capital to the country.

Belarusian Economy in 2013: An Attempt to Reload Old Growth Model

This study deals with Belarusian macroeconomic dynamics in 2013.

FREE Policy Brief: Liquidity and Monetary Policy in Belarus

 Igor LivshitsJames MacGee, Michele Tertilt

The Democratization of Credit and the Rise in Consumer Bankruptcies

Financial innovations are a common explanation for the rise in credit card debt and bankruptcies. To evaluate this story, the authors develop a simple model that incorporates two key frictions: asymmetric information about borrowers’ risk of default and a fixed cost of developing each contract lenders offer.

FREE Policy Brief: Macroeconomic Performance and Preferences for Democracy

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